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Heads Up re: "Endorsements"
At the risk of sounding like a whiner to some, did you know that, from The Stranger to The 'Progressive' Voters Guide to The Seattle Times, many endorsements are an anti-democratic joke?
Many of these businesses & organizations only interview a few candidates with the biggest campaign bank accounts, leaving you with the impression they vetted everyone, when they never even sent the rest of the field of candidates so much as an email.

Terrible, awful hypocrisy. And it should be illegal.
My endorsements came from organizations that bothered to communicate with my opponents. As it should be. 


Why do United Statesians engaged in the political process as forum and endorsement organizers and presenters think that 2 minute presentations of a candidate are ever enough to allow that same candidate to speak about anything with any depth whatsoever?

Is it any wonder our democracy is so challenged and so often run by the same usual suspects with the biggest campaign bank accounts and infrastructures?

I am so proud to be endorsed by Humane Voters of WA STATE!       we must move to a plant-based diet, for us, for our non-human animal cousins and for earth.